Sometimes the Lord wakes me early in the morning---He wants to teach me something important. 

The thought came to me how many times we throw things out and don't really expect that one day we'll see them again.  Like the time I had some left-over seeds that I really didn't want--so I just threw them to the wind.  Lo and behold, the next year my yard was infested with "strange" flowers..


Several years ago I was told about a man who went to Lijiang, China before Melanie and I did. He had a lot of tracts to hand out, but there was still a lot left over when he got ready to leave on the bus.  Not knowing what to do, the Holy Spirit told him to just throw them out the window as he left. So he did.  Two years later, he came back to the same town and when he stepped off the bus a man came up to him and said, "I know you!  You're the man who threw out those gospel tracts!"  He got nervous, as he suspected the man to be police or something.  But then the man continued: "I read one of those tracts, showed it to my wife, and we both got saved and led others to the Lord also!"

I remembered that when I got to Lijiang myself.  We had smuggled in lots of Bibles and tracts and prepared to do mission work smuggling them into China. Knowing the dangers, I asked a young pastor who spoke Mandarin to accompany us.  After leaving Malaysia for Kumning, we rented a small van and began the 800km drive to our target city.  For three days we scoured the countryside, distributing the tracts, Christian comics with Bible stories, and of course, Bibles.  How important was our mission!  There had been at one time over 400 believers in that city.  All were subsequently killed when the Communists took over, and they were still in control. 

As it turned out, we were discovered and had to quickly leave late that day, not knowing if along our way back to Kumning we would be arrested.  So that night we stayed in a minus 5-star hotel...a single room with no heat, no bathroom, not even a decent bed.  We slept covered with sheepskins!  But at least they would not be looking for us in that kind of place, so we were safe. 

The next morning, we awoke.  I was praying to the Lord.  How were we to get rid of all we had left, which was considerable. Our mission was not yet accomplished.  The Lord spoke: "How did I save baby Moses?"  What a strange answer.  But then as I meditated on it, I recalled how Moses was put in a little reed basket and floated down the river and was later discovered by Pharoah's daughter who adopted him as her own.  "Put little Moses in the water!" was His answer. 

It did not make sense until we started to leave the little village we were in and I saw a supply of large, round plastic containers. Then I knew what God was saying about baby Moses. We could stuff those items, seal them up, and each village we came to would have a little stream running into it!  We would watch carefully to avoid being caught and put "Moses" on the water, where "Moses" would float into the villages where someone would see the jugs and retrieve them.  And so we did--all the way back to Kumning and safely out of China.


So this shows us something very important:  Nothing goes to waste in the Kingdom of God.  All the fragments will always be gathered up!  I was told about a man who decided to end his life. He took the last load of his junk to the dump.  There he "happened" upon a Christian magazine.  He decided to take a look at it, and through its ministry, he came to know the Lord.  So we can be assured that our efforts are going to bear fruit, no matter if we think they failed or were insignificant and unimportant. 


 If God can create the world from nothing, He will surely create something even from what we might think is wasted and failed effort.

That especially applies to our prayers.  We need to cast them forth into  the  Mighty Wind.  

The Living Water will do the rest!   Amen!