A Visit with the Big Dipper






I am so blessed!  Around midnight I awoke and glanced outside the window by my bedside. 


At certain times, the panorama of the Northern Lights will stun my senses--but not this night.  Instead, I beheld the Big Dipper in all its glory.  Everything was silent; the birds were not flitting about, the neighborhood was sleeping...nothing stirred. 


Those seven stars drew my attention like lighthouse signals, forcing me to look upward to the heavens and behold the awesome masterpiece.  It was so serene, I could not speak. For if I had spoken one word,  it might have flung itself into space-- reverberating and echoing to the end of the universe forever. 


Suddenly, I realized the presence of God had overtaken every worldly thought and problem that I had taken as my bed partner when I pulled up the covers hours earlier.  And as my head lay upon my pillow,  I suddenly realized:


The Prince of Peace had arrived...




At age 71, it seems it has taken me a lifetime to turn aside from my ambitions in this world to discover  why it is so true that "a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."  Just one moment in His presence was enough to change how I once valued the things of this earth.   For during those treasured moments, it almost seemed as if some Big Dipper had turned itself upside down and saturated me with Living Water.  I know I  am in His Presence, and that my thoughts have become one with His.  The worth of that experience is incalculable.


 His unchageablitly brings me assurance.


 His careful thoughtfulness of me brings humility and awe. 


 His love flows like liquid oil poured upon my head... and I am bathed in it. 




Yet  because I am still part of earth, tomorrow I will awake with sunrays in my eyes and find that it is but a continuation of yesterday, with its own set of lighthouse beams that lure me.


 Bellies still hunger for food.


 School busses invade the silence of early morning.  


Fragile children scurry to obtain knowledge in some classroom.


 Cars emerge and converge to join the long lines on the freeway. 


And as the world prepares itself for another day, so much will occupy people's thoughts.  Business, jobs, worries and fears, grief, despair, hatred and revenge, selfish vainglory, unsolved problems--- the weight of them compresses our spirits until life can become but a constant search to escape the chains....


"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:28-30)


 Sadly,  we seldom realize  just how close the nearness of the Burden Bearer.  Just because last night's awesome sight is obscured during the daytime when the sky is blue, the Big Dipper is still there, as are trillions of other stars, planets, and galaxies.  I cannot see them now...for sunlight has arrived.  Yet that moment of Peace that flew into my room in the middle of the night only awaits my coming near to hear His voice and feel His heartbeat.



No matter what 8 billion souls may be doing--whether we are in darkness, or on the other side of the planet in bright sunlight, the heavens speak the same message spoken at the beginning:


"I am the Eternal One..unaffected by eons of time.  


 Even when your vision says I am not here,  the eyes I can impart to your Spirit will only require a thought toward Me and I am instantly in your midst.


I do not change, as do men who discover and then discard--


 For once I unscrolled my Master Plan and declared things to be, everything obeyed My voice.  And I invite and await the curious--even the trembling one,  to come near,  look over My shoulder to get a glimpse of it, to feel the nearness of My heartbeat--the warmth of My love.  For "in My Presence is fullness of joy."


 And when tomorrows awaken you once more, you will know that it is not only the light of a burning sun that you walk in, but that the  "Sun of Righteousness has arisen, with healing in His wings." 




(c) 2005