"As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the
sons of God". (Romans 8:14)
Jesus plainly told us that "the works I do, ye shall do, and greater works than these shall ye do, for I go to the Father."  That always seemed an impossible statement to me...how could one possibly do "greater works?" unless, of course, we relate its being multiplied in the millions of Christians who were to follow Him. 
The Holy Spirit was to lead, and to guide into all truth...and slowly, God began to teach me His ways....the very first lesson: that HIS WAYS WERE NOT MY WAYS, NOR HIS THOUGHTS MY THOUGHTS.  There must be a re-arrangement of my thinking and habits.  I soon learned to recognize Him as usually being the exact opposite of what my carnal nature would dictate...that often, He spoke in "mysteries" which would require an abrupt halt to wait for revelation.  
No wonder that Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, "I could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ." This was addressed to Spirit-filled Christians who had refused to take their first steps but wanted to remain as infants and spend their worship hours in fleshly excitement.  But "flesh" cannot receive spiritual truth! 


"..the natural man receiveth NOT the things of the Spirit of God;

for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them,

because they are spiritually discerned.." (1 Cor 2:14)

One time I was having a small, morning prayer service.  Usually there would be about 20 people attending.  We were having a good time of it, God was blessing and people were seeing their prayers answered.  However, one night I had a strange dream.  I had been questioning God about the subject of grace.  I knew that it meant "unmerited favor"--that we cannot work for it, but it is God's gift alone.  That much I understood.  But in reading the Word, I came across several scriptures that puzzled me.  Paul was very liberal with grace...he would end many of his epistles with the saying, "God's grace be upon you.."  How could Paul give it away?  Was it possible for us to ask God for that "unmerited favor"
God taught me about grace in a remarkable way...in a dream.  In this dream, I had witnessed a terrible accident on a freeway.  There were five cars involved, and people were lying all over the roadway injured and crying for help.  I got out of my car to see if I could assist anyone, but there was little I could do...they were bleeding and broken.  So I quickly ran back to my car, where there was a CB radio.  I began to turn the dial, desperately trying to find someone to answer me and get help.  But no response.  Just then, a man came up to me, put his hand on my left shoulder, and spoke in a soft voice: "If you will put it on channel FIVE, you will get the help they need."  I obeyed, and sure enough...a voice answered my call.
What did this dream mean, if anything?  Nothing...except through spiritual eyes.  When I awoke the next morning, the dream was still very vivid, and I inquired of the Lord its meaning and significance.  The Lord reminded me that there were five cars in the dream, plus the channel five which responded to my call. Five is the number of God's grace.  He told me that whenever I found myself with no help, if I would simply ask for His grace upon their needs, help would come. 
God had taught me a lesson by the Holy Ghost...and He had taught it in a way I could understand it!
Did I ever have an opportunity to use this lesson?  Many times!  But one of the most remarkable miracles regarding my new-found insight into Grace happened when a lady came to me for prayer.  This happened during one of those morning meetings, when I had shared this dream with the people.  The woman told me that she did not need a healing, but she had a specific request for money.  Her brother owed her $1000, and had been owing it over a year now.  He had lived with her and her husband briefly, but after a disagreement he had left without repaying the debt. She did not know where he was living now, but "I need my $1000 returned" she told me.  I prayed a simple, brief prayer. I only asked the Lord to send His grace upon her brother's head at that very moment, wherever he was, and cause him to remember this debt he owed his sister.
We prayed this prayer at about 11:30 that morning, then left the meeting.  Later that evening, my husband suggested we go out to eat at a local cafeteria, which we did.  As we finished and were coming out of the building, this same woman and her husband were coming in.  She saw me, and came running.  "Sister Adams!" she shouted. "I just got to tell you what happened!  At 3:00pm this afternoon I heard a knock on my door.  I opened it, and there stood my brother!  Sister Adams, he had a check for $1000 in his hand!  He had "suddenly" remembered his debt to me!!"  She was ecstatic! 
Later, when she calmed down, she explained that he had moved away to another town some 170 miles distant and now had a good job.  But when we had prayed that morning, he "suddenly" remembered... got into his car and began driving to his sister's house! 
Needless to say, we have never forgotten this miracle nor just how awesome is that grace!