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Dear Mary,
I am blessed to be called friend by Kathleen Rassmussen and she has been forwarding your writings to me. I just wanted you to know that our precious Lord has used your stories many times to encourage me and move me forward in my walk with him. Thank you for sharing your insightful stories about life. For so many of us who are called Christians, we will never realize the people that our lives have touched until we get to heaven. With out a doubt, there will be many that you do not know here on earth that will greet you with a holy kiss when you get home. I just wanted to take the time today to let you know that you have made a difference in my life. Thank you for being a shining example of Christ's love to me!
Sincerely with love in Christ Jesus,
It is wonderful praising and seeking God. Things happen when you do.  My life is changed.
   Thank you for your website here.  I love reading about people who seek God.
Thank you so much for your encouraging stories. I love to read them they make my heart sing with joy.   C.S.
Dear Mary,
Just had to share this with you before I forget.
Do you remember that piece you wrote, something about God's glorious garden? or something like that.  It has music to it.  Anyway  I sent that on to our friend Norm and he forwarded it to others.  A couple of  years ago he took some equipment up to Fairbanks for some people.  They had company from California, an older couple.  The people from Fairbanks introduced them and told this old man, that it was Norm that had send this forward from you.  They had sent it to him and it really blessed him.  Anyway, just a few days ago the old man's wife called Barb and asked if she still had that , as this man was dieing and that is what he requested to hear again.  She called Norm and he still had it, so it got a-mailed down to them.  He did pass a way, but I think that is so neat.  You had no idea when you wrote that, where all it would go and how it would bless people you don't even know.  We don't know those things, but God does!  How wonderful it is that you are obedient and write all of those things down the Lord gives you, and pass them along.   A.C.

Dear Mary,

 Your “Pathway” was so meaningful to me. We used to live in Missouri just across the road from the back entrance to Sugar Creek Forest. I would almost take daily hikes down a path just like the one in your picture. Over to the right side was “MY LOG” where I would sit, pray, worship and rest in Him. If the children couldn’t find me around the house, they knew where I would be.

  Today was a good day for me to be reminded of that time in my past...I surely do not want to lose contact with you. You have a great influence on my life and I love you dearly.

 In Jesus,

 F.M. (Nebraska)


Oh, my friend Mary, this has come at the very time I am in need of hearing these wonderful words.  Thank you so very much because I can't turn back now, nor do I desire to.  Some times are just harder than others.
God bless you and thank you for being my friend.  Seems we always give out and seldom receive back and it sure does feel good when we do.
Love you,



Dear Mary,

Yesterday, I was preparing my heart and mind for preaching at our service this morning (Sunday) at the orphanage.  We have services there once a month.  I had decided that I needed to preach on guarding our hearts from building walls when the hurts of life come along.  As we were returning from Guatemala City, I heard a song on a tape that is entitled, Hurt by Hurt.  I decided to use it in the sermon.  This morning, very early, as I was writing the message, I wondered if my internet had been turned on here yet or not, so I went to my email to check.  It hadn’t been done, but my eye was caught by your email that I hadn’t been able to read yet, the one entitled, “Rock Piles”.  I read it and then incorporated it into the message, telling your whole story to the girls.  Some were in tears.  But even before that, the worship songs were actually the outline of my message, the first one entitled, You Healed my Hurts.  I know that these things happen quite often, but it was extraordinary that so many things fit together for this very important message.  You see, a new set of house parents arrived right at the end of our service.  They will be there for a few days of training while the set that is leaving continues in the home with the girls.  This has great potential for one more hurt to be used to build another portion of a wall in their hearts.  God truly wanted them to know it didn’t need to happen and that, in fact, the blocks that were already there can be removed by His hand.  It was a marvelous morning. 

Thank you ever so much.  I often pass on your writings to Carroll here in the office.  You are ever so precious to us.


J.S.  Guatemala



Dear Mary,
About 1995, I had hated two people with a "passion." I would say to God, it is impossible to feel love for them, and yet as a Christian since 1965, I knew I was supposed to love my enemies. To make a long story short, a thought came to me . . . "force yourself to feel love for them!"  I began on a Monday to speak, 'I will feel love for Stephen and Louise!' However, whenever the thought of them came to my mind, I would "cringe," for that's how much I hated them. But I continued to force myself to feel love for them throughout the day for two days. On the third day, the thought of them came to my mind, but this time I didn't "cringe." I noticed that from somewhere near the sternum of my chest something was moving upward toward my "jaw" and caused my jaw to form a smile. All this was happening while I was thinking of these two people. And I could actually "feel love" for the two people I once hated. Some years later, I discovered  Matt.11:12, "...and the violent takes it by force."
After reading your testimony I was really encouraged. Though I got married in 1970, a high fever type-of-sickness which would keep me bedridden even before I had gotten married, had always plagued me once or twice every year until about 1995. One day that year, I came down with that fever. I had been bedridden for about a day and-a-half. I walked to our kitchen, sat down, and began speaking, 'Lord, if you were here you would heal me!' All of a sudden, Gen.1:26 came to my mind, ". . . let us make man in our Image, after our Likeness . . . and let man have dominion over all the earth." I felt kind-of excited because I began to think, 'am I like God?' Then another scripture came to my remembrance, Luke 17:21, " . . .     the Kingdom of God is within you." I got even more excited! Then a third scripture came to my mind, " . . . submit yourself to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you." I admit, this did not excite me, but it did cause me to think, . . . Jesus came and healed the sick, and the Devil came to kill, to steal, and to destroy. I don't know what prompted me to speak out, I focused my attention on the sickness that was on me and began speaking, 'Devil, I resist you!'  For some reason unknown to me, I kept on speaking those words for twenty minutes. I had no idea what was about to follow. All of a sudden, the fever that I could actually feel, vanished! It was as if I was never sick. Since learning I could love, even my enemies, I have been able to resist every kind of sickness and see it disappear in a matter of minutes and sometimes after six hours.
Having been diagnosed with diabetes in 1990, till September of 2006, I have never applied the above to diabetes. Sept. 20, 2006, I suffered a partial stroke which at the time affected my right side. Since then I was determined to seek God for healing from the stroke. And I did so, "24/7," and with no watching of television. I did not apply the above but sought with all my heart to see myself as the Image and Likeness of God. As I continued to see myself as such, I noticed that I was using my "walker and cane" from the stroke, less and less. And now there is no evidence that I had a stroke. I am presently working on the diabetes.




My dear sister Mary,
A very touching story that brought tesars to my eyes as I read it. Truly, we take things for granted and how God need to show us the value of each new day.  Thank you.  I wish to inform that I will not be working in Genting, Malaysia for long.  In 2 - 3 months, I will be leaving the company.  Please pray with me that God show me the right path to take.  I want and need to be close with God. Thank you.

D,  Malaysia


Please do add me to your mailing list. I forwarded your site to one of my friends & also to one of my sisters & also to my girlfriend in NB Canada.
I had a witness to the eagle story & how God will use all generations to teach and encourage each other.
An old favorite preacher named Leonard Ravenhill said that we don't have a generatin gap, we have a regeneration gap. He was a holyness preacher in days gone by.
I love the ways of God & desire to know Him more and more each day.


As usual, that wonderful gift of painting pictures in our minds at work again .... thanks for blessings so many of us with that wonderful gift God has given you :-)
The scenes you paint of where you live seem right out of a story book... how wonderful to know that such places still exist. And wonderful God-made classrooms they are.
Blessings to you! Even as you water so many, I am sure you would be watered too!
E. C. (Sabah, Malaysia)