This little groundsquirrel is the Alaskan variety.  One lives here on my little
 plot of ground.  I am soon to have him eating out of my hand.   He doesn't
 do that yet, but I am luring him with a birdfeeder full of sunflower seeds.
 I call him "Click-Click" after the only two words he seems to know.
 We can learn some lessons from Click-Click.  First of all, I have no dogs or
 cats, no pets at all.  So Click-Click is my only animal visitor, outside of an
  occasional moose strolling through.  Though we are of a different species, we have a certain understanding, which has brought peace to my valley.  For awhile, I raged holy war against these varmits because I knew if they got into my house they would do a lot of damage.  I even had my son to shoot a few, and set some traps.  But as soon as we did in one, another would take its place.  So we gave up.
   In South Africa, I had a friend who (like me) was always fighting these
   critters...they were tearing up her well-manicured lawn.  We tried nearly
   everything...flooding the hole, putting moth balls down the hole, sulfur
powder, and every latest gadget which "guaranteed" success.  All failed.
But my little varmit has not bothered my lawn at all, nor my house.  He certainly has opportunity to do so, but prefers my wooded areas.  The point is, for awhile I tried to get rid of these little things, and having no more luck than my South African friend, I decided on another approach.  I purposely put out a bird feeder and filled it to the brim with sunflower seeds and would yell for him to come help himself.  Slowly, he did. And now I can go right up into his face and carry on a conversation.
I guess what I am saying is that it is important how we look at our problems and situations.  I am aware that every day the devil has a board meeting for each of us.  That those demons talk over plans to give us problems. Each has his own suggestion, everything from whispering lies, to inflicting us with disease and sickness and causing discouragement in every form.  It never ends.  But we can change how we let it affect us and quit the battle we've been fighting with our "carnal" weapons (which Jesus won long ago anyhow!). 
So now I just go on my merry way, leaving it all to Him to take care of. This may seen too simple an answer, but I heard long ago that worry and a rocking chair have this in common: they expend a lot of energy, but go nowhere.
(c) 2004