The Writings of Mary E. Adams

 Have you ever stood by a seashore, looking out over the waters as wave after wave came to your feet, hoping for a seashell or something special?  What a thrill when a treasure comes with the next wave!

Once, I walked up and down a beach hoping to find a special seashell or some object to give to a friend who collected them.  After some time, I was very tired, and stopped a minute to talk to the Lord about it, for I had found nothing.  He startled me when He told me to just stand still and He would bring it to me!'  Sure enough, in just a few minutes I saw an object bobbing on top of the surf.  As it came closer I saw that it was a round fishing float off a trawler.  Grabbing it, I saw some Chinese writing.  But not knowing Chinese, I took it to my friend who did.  She was estatic!  "This writing on the float is the name of my ancestral home in mainland China!"  I could not have found anything that thrilled her more.

That is the reason for this website:  Sometimes we wear ourselves out just looking, when all along God is waiting for us to stand still and He will bring things to us---

The early morning hours are very special to me...that is when I do my "standing still" and let the Holy Spirit come to me with precious thoughts, which I now share with you.  I pray they will be timely and target the very needs of your life, while you wiggle your toes in the sand...


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Now let the music begin....*For best effect, please turn on your sound.




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